“Do You…(Cashmere Cat Remix)” – Miguel

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Jai Paul – Jai Paul (Album)

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Sweet Aural Jesus. AMAZING.

“Bodybetter” – Blackbear

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Sometimes you just need some crude R&B.

“Where To Land” – Travis Garland ft. III

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Found this while watching a David So Vlog. Serious tune.

“Raindrops” – Anjuli Stars (@anjulistars)

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Amazing stuff.

“Two Weeks/ Head Over Heels” – Kimbra

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Kimbra’s is probably most well known for her part in the wildly popular Gotye track “Somebody That I Used to Know”. But beyond that singular hit, she’s also an incredible vocalist. This live performance is proof of that. Enjoy.

“After Light” – Rustie ft. AlunaGeorge

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I’ve been on a heavy AlunaGeorge kick the past few weeks. So, I was bound to find this track. Rustie did a great job at melding Aluna’s almost child-like vocals with his raucous style of EDM. Enjoy.

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